About La Cantina – A Whistler Village Taqueria Backed by Reputation & Experience

Pepe Barajas owner of la cantinaYour fellow Whistler Village residents, friends, co-workers, and local adventurers aren’t the only familiar faces you’ll find in La Cantina. You may recognize some of the operations staff from The Mexican Corner Restaurant paying a friendly visit as well. The very same restaurant group that brought Whistler BC the renowned Mexican Corner Restaurant (located on the second floor of the Sundial Boutique Hotel) is responsible for the opening of our bustling taco shop. With years of experience of our chefs in serving award winning Mexican food there could be no better purveyor of “south of the border” cuisine to introduce La Cantina to this renowned northern resort town.

Whistler Village Wanted Tacos, We Delivered

La Cantina was introduced in the summer of 2014 for a good reason. The public demanded it. Whistler Village residents wanted great tacos at a great price, served to them quickly without sacrificing quality or service. It represents a simple business model that has bypassed Whistler BC, until now. Within weeks of opening we’ve seen the fruition of this mission become a fast success. We are more than honored that locals and guests alike have embraced La Cantina so early. This response drives our taco chefs and counter staff to continue to deliver the best taqueria experience one could hope to find anywhere, be it in BC, Baja California, or beyond!

Fast Mexican Food That Isn’t “Fast Food”

La Cantina is a counter-service taqueria with prices that leave plenty of room for ski-lift passes. However this efficiency and affordability does not reflect adversely upon our service or atmosphere in any way. Even if we are busy, our staff remain friendly and attentive, even taking the time to accommodate dietary requests that you may have in regards to your order. Guests are also amazed by the industrial cantina decor that we’ve created in order to make patrons feel welcome from the moment they step inside. Many have walked in with the intention of stopping by for a quick bite only to find themselves in our cozy seats over an hour later, captivated in conversation with old and newly found friends. Allow us to apologize ahead of time should you arrive late for work or other prior engagement.

La Cantina is conveniently located at 129-4340 Lorimer Road in Whistler Village. For further details on where to find or contact our taco shop in Whistler or visit our contact page

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