Tacos La Cantina – COVID-19 Safety Plan

Tacos La Cantina- Vancouver
Plan Created: June 1st, 2020
Plan Last Updated: July 30th, 2020

Tacos La Cantina has created this workplace COVID-19 Safety Plan by following the processes outlined in the WorkSafe BC COVID-19 Safety Plan Checklist.  We are in compliance with the WorkSafe BC and the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) orders for physical distancing between customers and staff.

We have taken a 4 step approach to ensuring the safety of our guests and staff consisting of the following:

  1. Elimination Controls
  2. Engineering Controls
  3. Administrative Controls
  4. Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Elimination Controls

The maximum number of guests allowable INSIDE the premises at any given time will be 20.  

We are maintaining physical distancing IN OUR ESTABLISHMENT by:

  • Staying at home when exhibiting symptoms of illness
  • Working remotely wherever possible
  • Eliminating in-person meetings/huddles and holding meetings outside
  • Eliminating hand to hand contact with guests and other employees
  • Creating separate areas for dine-in customers and pick-up customers
  • Having guests wait outside for a table
  • Having guests seat themselves

We are maintaining physical distancing during TABLE SERVICE by:

  • Ensuring there are at least two metres between customers seated at the same table unless they are from the same party
  • Ensuring there are at least two metres between customers seated at one table and customers seated at other tables
  • Ensuring there are two metres between customers seated or standing at bars and counters, unless they are from the same party

We are maintaining physical distancing in the KITCHEN by:

  • Wherever possible, ensuring employees remain two metres apart
  • Limiting the number of staff allowed in the kitchen at one time
  • Restricting access to food preparation areas for delivery agents, members of the public, and other staff who are not kitchen employees

Engineering Controls

We have made the following changes to the design and layout of our workplace:

  • Floor decals and signage to facilitate the flow of people at order stations and payment areas
  • Re-arranged waiting areas by removing extra chairs and benches
  • Providing hand sanitizer for customer use
  • Eliminating storage of personal belongings in common areas

Administrative Controls

We have implemented the following additional administrative controls IN OUR ESTABLISHMENT:

  • Our staff sick policy supports workers to stay at home if symptomatic
  • We have provided worker training and orientation on COVID-19 safety protocols
  • We have provided workers with medical resource information that includes telephone numbers and website addresses for key medical, mental health and bullying resources, with approved COVID-19 information
  • Workers have a health and safety contact person available for every shift (Joint Occupational Health and Safety Representative) to ensure protocols are understood and being followed
  • All workers are encouraged to be involved in monitoring our Safety Plan and ensuring its execution in accordance with aforementioned policies and procedures
  • We have organized our staff members into working groups or teams to facilitate reduced interaction between groups
  • We are posting our key COVID-19 protocols to our website and social media channels

We have the following administrative controls for TABLE SERVICE:

  • Serving drinks in bottles and having guests pour their own drinks when possible
  • Having servers leave food at the front of the table and letting guests distribute them after the server has stepped away
  • Decreasing server contact with dirty dishes by having servers bring out food and having a busser remove dirty dishes
  • Having guests remove their own dirty dishes whenever possible
  • Providing packaging and letting guests wrap up their own leftovers

We have the following administrative controls for the KITCHEN:

  • Chefs and cooks use their own high-use tools such as knives, as much as possible
  • Established a system to minimize sharing of other communal equipment and small tools

We have implemented the following administrative controls to ensure enhanced CLEANING, DISINFECTING AND PROPER HYGIENE practices throughout the establishment:

  • Established hand washing procedures for all staff
  • Handwashing signage is provided near all sinks
  • Increased cleaning between table seatings
  • Clarified procedures for cleaning staff areas and training employees accordingly
  • Cleaning bathrooms on a more frequent basis
  • Enhanced cleaning of all frequent touchpoints in common areas
    • Walls
    • Tables
    • Chairs
    • Door handles
  • Incorporating additional regular and end-of-shift cleaning and disinfection for all shared spaces and surfaces in public serving zones

Personal Protective Equipment

We have reviewed WorkSafe BC’s Guidance on Selection and Use of Masks and have developed a personal protective equipment policy for employees and customers.

  • We have disposable gloves available for customers, to use at payment stations (PIN PAD terminals)

In Summary:

Our staff have been trained in accordance with the new safety, sanitization and social distancing requirements as outlined by provincial health directives.

Our workspace sanitization processes have been updated to accommodate specific sanitization needs, with training provided to staff.

Our operations have been adjusted to address the safety of staff and customers in accordance with the assessed risks at this time and will continue to be amended as required

We look forward to serving you in a safe environment!